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Start your adventure with kitesurfing and learn with us

We are IKO qualified kitesurfing instructors and we offer you professional kitesurfing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

We have the freedom to choose the best kite spots and centers between Hurghada and El Gouna. We can offer you lessons at any place.

We are here for you

Progression and safety, along with having a really good time. That is our mission. We have many years of kitesurfing experience and we are certified IKO instructors.

Intro to kite surfing

Have you never tried kitesurfing? Well, then you have come to the right place. At Fanadir Watersports you can try the magic of kitesurfing for 1-2 hours under the supervision of our experienced instructors. All in a safe manner in the turquoise water of the Red Sea and our professional equipment.

What do you expect?

Full kite equipment

You will be able to try to fly the kite in the water, get the feel of the board and, of course, have a really good time!

If you then decide to take a full course, leading up be an independent rider with a certificate, you’ll get a special offer.

Intro to kite surfing: 2 hours/€ 50.

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El Gouna / Hurghada

El Gouna is a tourist resort, which is located on the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt, 22 km north of Hurghada International Airport.

It is the ideal kitesurfing place if you are looking for perfect conditions. Shallow and crystal-blue flat water with sandy bottom and constant wind provides ideal conditions for beginners and independent riders.

weather conditions in El Gouna wind conditions in El Gouna

Our Services


Flat and shallow water lagoon, sandy beach, very good wind statistics and turquoise water. one of the best areas for learning and training kitesurfing which is Perfect conditions for a dream vacation.

Our spot is perfect for kitesurfers of all levels. Beginners 500 meter wide, shallow lagoon, where water is at maximum waist deep – depending on the tide. The conditions are safe and comfortable.

Advanced riders will appreciate flat water, where riding is very comfortable and learning new tricks comes easy! The rescue boat is always at the ready in case help is required.

Things to take

wetsuit for using in the winter time

sun cream


rashguard with long sleeve for the summer!

Neoprene shoes to protect your feet from pieces of old reef and sharp shells

IKO Certificate

After finishing minimum advanced kitesurfing training you can, for a fee, receive an IKO certificate from us to rent equipment and use spots around the world.

The Full IKO kite surfing basic courses is dedicated to people who want to learn comprehensive riding skills and become fully independent. The course starts from scratch and at the end of the course, you might even know how to jump!

After mastering the basic skills, you will learn all you need to become an independent rider. Upon completing the course you will have the ability to register for an IKO certificate.

Kite Renting

It is easy to rent kite gear through us. Just tell us what you want and we will do our best to meet your needs.

You can rent single equipment or complete kitesurfing gear with a package deals. Tell us your experience level, date of rental and if you have preference of brand.

€50 for 2 Hours

€75 for 1 Day

€350 for 1 Week

Kite Only

€40 for 2 Hours

€55 for 1 Day

€200 for 1 Week

Board Only

€20for 1 Day

€135 for 1 Week

Harness Only

€20 for 1 Day

€100 for 1 Week

Kite camp


At fanadir Kiting camp, you will spend camp time under the professional guidance and coaching of our teaching team.

These events are designed for all kitesurfers – from absolute beginners with no previous experience through intermediate and advanced levels.

Unluckily we offer the Kiting Events in English language.


3 days kite event plus one day kite rental with USING THE NEWEST VANTAGEKITES.

3 days tuition by the fanadir teaching team (approx. 3 to5 hours per day and free practice time)

Professional rescue service with Zodiac

equipment knowledge and selfrescue

Support for set-up, launching and landing by experienced kite assistants

Perfect wind conditions in a huge shallow lagoon

IKO kitesurfing licence or UPGRADE

Photos and videos of the kite camp

Please state your kite level when booking.

If there is a windless day or a day with too much wind over 25 knots, we will do alternative activities together, such as theory sessions, wakeboarding in the cable park, stand up paddling in the lagoons, snorkelling on the reefs, or diving.

The activities are included in the event price. Therefore, we do not issue vouchers for windless days at events.

In Winter is recommended to bring a wetsuit, while in summer a lycra is all you need in the water.

3 days kite camp plus 1 day kite rental 429 € per person (2 to 4 people)

As well we have

1 day kite camp for 149€ per person. ( 2 to 4 people)

2 days kite camp for 269€ per person ( 2 to 4 people)

Our prices & offers

All prices include full equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us for current offers.

For those who never tried kitesurfing before.

You need from 9 to 12 hours.

1 to 3 days practice.

Lessons will start with controlling a small kite and will finish with the ability to make your first waterstart!

You will learn how to use your equipment in a safe manner and what to do in case of emergency.

Group Course

Theory, kite control, safety, launching and landing.
Level Duration Price
1 - Level I 3 hours € 140,-/student
2 - Level II 3 hours € 140,-/student
3 - LEVEL III 3 hours € 135,-/student
4 - LEVEL IIII 3 hours € 135,-/student

Book in advance and you’ll get a 15% discount. Contact us for your booking today!

Level 1 is about Theory, Kite Control Safety, Launching and Landing

Level 2 is about Body Dragging, Water Relauch and Self Rescue

Level 3 is about Water Starts and Baord Control

Level 4 is more practise about what you have learned in the first 3 levels.

Refresher Lessons

Duration Price
2 hours € 85,-/student
5 hours € 225,-/student
7 hours € 290,-/student

(2 students per lesson)

Private Lessons

Duration Price
2 hours € 150,-
4 hours € 270,-
6 hours € 320,-
9 hours € 450,-

(only 1 student per lesson)

Go diving!

Forget your Troubles, Blow some Bubbles

The Red Sea is known for those turquoise transparent waters. Just a world-known place to discover the underwater world.

• 2 dives from the boat

• including full diving equipment

• Lunch on the boat and drinks

• snorkelling

• video and pictures about the trip